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How to Clean Your Hydration Pack

How to Clean Your Hydration Pack

As with every outdoor adventure, you’ll need something to hydrate you throughout the trip. More often than not, the best way to do that is to use your own hydration pack. Hydration packs are incredible pieces of outdoor equipment that not only lets you carry all sorts of gear inside but also lets you have access to your own supply of water. Having your own hydration pack has plenty of benefits to the outdoor fan. But as with every other piece of equipment, you also need to maintain your hydration packs for them to be useful and efficient. Among the many ways to ensure this is the mandatory cleaning. Depending on your gear, you may be able to open up the whole pack together or you could be limited to simply using water pressure to clean it from the tube piece.

Why do we need to clean our hydration pack?

The thing about hydration packs is that they are mostly used to contain water. For the most part, water shouldn’t be dirty or have any residue even if you leave the hydration pack on its own. Even if it’s just water, cleaning the hydration pack is mandatory specially if you won’t use the gear for a long period of time. For safety reasons, we need to ensure our water container is not contaminated with anything besides water. These could be something as simple as discoloration or something as bad as mold growth.

Basically, if you skip the cleaning part, your tube piece and the insides of the bag will be theoretically be a host to a number of germs and microbes specially if the air it is exposed to gets inside the tube or if your saliva, which has germs in it, somehow gets inside the hydration pack.

For the benefit of most adventurers, we’re here to provide an article on the basic ways on cleaning your hydration pack.