Health and Fitness Weekly Round Up 6

With the up and coming Boston Marathon, we see how the USA’s finest is training for the even. Moreover we take an in-depth look at methods that will actually help you run faster and have a look at whether the traditional idea of running as fast as you can as often as you can will [...]

Health and Fitness Weekly Round-Up 5

With the LA Marathon just around the corner, all eyes will be on last year’s winner Mose, while you will also be able to see what Olympic athletes eat in this article. While we also look at some of the more inspiring stories from the running world as everyone joins together for Sport Relief and [...]

Health And Fitness Weekly Round Up 4

With the Boston Marathon having just come to an end, 1 woman is showing how she hasn’t let the events of last year get to her and has used it as her motivation this year. Moreover we look at the problem of eating disorders in men and whether microwaves are really a necessity? Finally we [...]

Health and Fitness Weekly – Round Up 3

The weather is still rubbish, but that hasn’t stopped a plethora of people hitting the road to try and improve their P.Bs in what can only be described as unfavourable conditions. In this round up we look at how to prevent running injuries while still hitting the road in these treacherous conditions. Russia’s human rights [...]

Health and Fitness Weekly Round Up 2

16th February 2014 Welcome As the weather shows no sign of improvement, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get out into the cold and put one front in front of the other over and over again, or as some call it running. There are some helpful tips as to how to go about [...]

How to Avoid Injury When Running a 5K Race

  Granted, running injuries affect both professional and amateur runners alike. However, if you are planning to run a 5K race, you can take several measures to improve your fitness levels and consequently reduce the likelihood of developing running injuries. Read on to learn how to avoid injury preparing for a 5K race. Get the [...]